FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: Brotherhood Official Art Series (X) 


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Art trade with Carmen! Hope you like this! I definitely had fun drawing it <3


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cry over hohenheim               o ———->        ”no. its raining.”

   cry over Buccaneer                                 cry over hughes

          cry over kimblee                         cry over old man fu

                          "why are they burying papa?"



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gettin’ heavy with the devil || roy-mustang-flamealchemist


" Oh, you know, actually I did that for you. " The daemon took the fresh heart in his mouth, lacerating it with sharp teeth " Putting my hands in a dead body is something that gives me an incredible pleasure. I normal circumstances I’d have killed you if you’d have dared to steal my little amusement. But if you want to be a killer than you have to think like one. You have to eat your own heart before taking humans lifes away, so that then you can eat them too. That’s what being a demon means. And that’s why I’m so proud to be one. " He finished eating and licked away the blood from his hands with a seductive look, though it was not done on purpose. He always had that intriguing look

" Sucking human’s hearts is an experience you’d never forget. It gives you strength, power, intelligence, force, pleasure. Expecially pleasure.” 

Edward let out a small ‘oh’ of surprise. ‘A demon, huh?’ he said, almost pensively. ‘I never thought they were real.’

A demon and a nympho, he thought privately, if its moans and seductive looks were anything to go by. Something in his mind started to take a different train of thought, but he shut that down quickly. It’d been a while since he’d had some fun, but he was drawing the line at fucking a demon. Maybe.

His eyebrows rose higher as the thing talked. It was possibly the most pretentious creature he’d ever come across.

'You're a creepy bastard, you know that?' Edward said matter-of-factly. 'And I'm sure eating hearts is working out great for you, but I think I'll stick with just killing people.'


Years in the future, Ed taught his kids to refer to Alphonse as their “Uncle Al-chemist”. Alphonse was not pleased.

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gettin’ heavy with the devil || roy-mustang-flamealchemist


" « A cannibal is a person who eats the flesh of other humans ». That’s what your book would say, and it’s clearly not true. Do I look like a human to your eyes, baby-boy? I’m not more human than the ground you’re stending by right now. I might have been… but it was years ago. “ 

Roy stepped closer and bit the heart he was holding, moaning almost with sexual pleasure as he ate it ” You’re a killer, baby-boy? Let’s see if you’re brave enough to tear your victim’s heart apart for me…” 

Baby boy?’ Edward snapped. ‘Listen. Just ‘cause I killed your dinner for you, doesn’t mean you can use fuckin’ pet names on me!’

He filed away the "might have been" comment for further perusal. If the two of them parted ways here, Edward knew that his next stop would be a library or occult bookstore. Whatever this thing was, Edward was fascinated. And really, if there was anything he liked as much as murder, it was research.

Edward raised an eyebrow at the - man? Would it be right to refer to him as such? He had no idea what this thing was, but it was getting on his nerves. ‘Do I look like a charity service here?’ he grumbled, nonetheless getting to his knees and using the automail to cut open the dead man’s torso. Shoving his hands right into the blood and viscera was not something he was prone to doing; he was quite the neat freak, after all, but this was a special occasion.

He grasped the heart and ripped it out, grimacing at the squelching noise. He held it out to the being. ‘Happy?’

gettin’ heavy with the devil || roy-mustang-flamealchemist


The black silhouette of a man got nearer and nearer to the boy’s figure, standing in the weak light of a single street lamp. He licked his lips and sharp teeth, a sadistic smirk stuck on his face 

" The boogey man " Roy laughed revealing his now corrupted body : his skin was pale, turning slightly purple over his fingertips and cheekbones. Longer, black hair fell idly over his shoulder, his onyx eyes shining with a red glow. He was holding a human heart in his left hand, long claws closing over it 
" It seems my dinner has already been prepared… good thing, I wasn’t in the mood to hunt tonight." 

Edward raised an eyebrow at the figure in front of him. He was obviously not human; with strange eyes and intimidating-looking claws, Edward was more than a little intimidated. He stepped back, swallowing nervously. Humans he could deal with. Whoever this man was, Edward knew that he did not have the upper hand in this situation.

'Glad I could be of assistance,' Edward replied sarcastically. As nervous as he was, he was glad that the body would be disposed of. Hopefully he would be alive to enjoy the service, though.

'So - what are you? he asked bluntly. 'A cannibal or something?'

gettin’ heavy with the devil || roy-mustang-flamealchemist

Although Edward liked to think that there was no rhyme or reason to his victims, there definitely was. His first proper victim was a blonde boy of about fifteen. His next was an older woman with soft brown curls. Then after that it was a mother and her son, and so on. He hated to dwell on it, but almost all of them reminded him of his mother or Alphonse.

(Interestingly, he could never bring himself to kill anyone who reminded him of Hoenheim.)

It was then that Edward decided he must have been the world’s biggest masochist. Tortured as he was by the deaths of his family, he continued to seek out those that he thought were similar. A smile, a hair colour, a quirk - as soon as they were reminiscent of Trisha or Alphonse, he was ready to strike. His current target was older than what he usually aimed for - a boy of about sixteen. Edward was almost sure that this boy was what Alphonse would have been. It shouldn’t have been so cathartic a feeling, killing people that reminded him of family. He should have been at least a little concerned.

Looking at the mangled body at his feet, Edward couldn’t bring himself to care. At least, not until he heard footsteps behind him.

Edward turned around, automail arm still sharpened into a cruel-looking point. It was dark, and Edward mentally cursed himself for staying out so late. He should’ve disposed of the body and high-tailed it out of there. Damn his sentimentality!

'Who's there?' he called, half-snarling.


Edward Elric by Mzag


"Ah, sure! I’ll have to unlock it though. No one goes in there but me so I hope that’s understandable."


"The castle’s right up this path. I live there so I was heading home. Follow me, please."

The Hybrid practically chirped happily, turning and walking up the path towards the large castle on the hill, behind a tall wall.

'You live there?' Edward asked curiously, looking down at her.

Coming from a tiny, almost-backward town like Risembool meant that he’d known almost nothing about castles or royalty until he started reading. But he was pretty sure that, according to all his books, only royalty and servants lived in castles.

Ever the master of tact, Edward strolled next to the small humanoid, barely containing his disbelief. ‘Who are you, then? Are you a servant or something?’